Connecting network with a receiver



I'm looking for PCMCIA card for receivers which connects the receiver with a PC network (PCMCIA Lan card)
I looked in PC shops, but I found PCMCIA LAN cards for laptops
I want a PCMCIA Lan card can be plugged in Humax 5400Z
(BTW, Does the Laptops' PCMCIA cards work on receivers ? I tried one, but it couldn't be plugged in. it doesn't has pins)



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I presume that you are looking at watching the sat receiver on network PCs, there is something floating about which I believe will do it.
Who wants to note digital television loss-free, needs no more expensive Festplattenreceiver. Nichimen shows the Common interface (CI) on the fair under its label name Brainwaive module Multimedia Joker. With this each normal Digitalreceiver can be connected with CI interface with the computer. The straight television program stopped at the Digitalreceiver can be along-cut in such a way on the non removable disk of the computer and processed afterwards. At the PC only a USB connection is necessary. Also at the PC stored videos can be transferred over the adapter back into the Digitalreceiver and shown at the television."

The link where you can buy this seems to remain a mystery, the above was taken from a German forum.