Consumer Agency Snarls at Web, Booze Fraud



Pornographic internet sites disguised as official government pages and watered-down beer in Warsaw's beer gardens -- these were the latest culprits identified by Poland's consumer protection agency on Wednesday.
Agency head Cezary Banasinski said smutty sites like -- pronounced in Polish the same way as parliament's homepage -- set themselves up as visitors' homepages.

"This sticks in your computer, and you can't remove it. I logged on, and had to call the technicians to undo it. Every time you turned on the computer these, er, lively scenes would pop up," Banasinski told a news conference.

The agency has launched an investigation into the internet service provider operating the rogue Web site.

Banasinski also said that three-quarters of drinks served in the Polish capital's outdoor beer gardens were watered down and not worth buying.

"Warsaw's beer gardens have become legendary -- the record is 100 liters served from a 50-liter keg," he said.
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