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Conventional Motor with Mokia 9800


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Can anyone advise please - Hi,

I have a 1.2m Channelmaster dish motorised by a Geotrack td18 motor controlled/powered by an Echostar LT8700. There is a dual LNB the 2nd feed goes to a Nokia 9800 which is what is mainly used. I only ever use the Echostar for Eurosport now, which I can get anyway on the 9800, and it's a pain using two remote controls to change digital channels on two different satellites.

I want to make the Nokia control the motor. What's the best solution? I have seen two devices which appear to convert diseqc 1.2 signals to conventional 36v instructions, the ASTON DS100, and the Geotrack V-Box.

Has anyone got experience of either of these? Maybe I would be better off just replacing the motor but with what?