converting *.key to *.bin???



I have a softcam key file with the extension (.key), and I am using emupgrade software to upload it to my STARSAT 200CI reciever, but nothing happens coz I think that only *.bin key files work with that kind of recievers, is that true?
And is there any way that I can convert that *.key file to a *.bin file?
And will it work????

This is very urgent...
Thanks guys

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I don't know about Starsat but I load key files to various other receivers. Some use .bin and others .key

There are usually lots of different key files for various receivers available. Rather than getting into editing your .sat file, it may be better to carry on searching for the right file. If you haven't already done so, start with the site where you got your emu software / .sat files. Or search on google something like Starsat forum keys

If you still want to edit the .sat file, you may be able to dump keys from your receiver to a file on your computer, using a key editor. Then edit your .sat file to make it have the same format as the uploaded file.