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cool message board



Hi Chris,

I have recently been evaluating message board/forums that are available to add to a website, and I very much like the look your satellite forum discussion website.

Who is the software by or who is the sponsor ?
(any other details would be great).

I would like to add a link from my website (a UK website dedicated to the TV service industry) to your excellent moderated forums is that possible also ?


Aled Hughes

>Who is the software by or

I've found that it is called DCForm and you can find information at http://www.dcscripts.com. You do have to pay for it, but it's not that expensive by the look of it. For interest, the [.tv] channel also uses this forum system (though it looks slightly older).

You may want to look also at a forum system called Discus (http://www.discusware.com) which is quite good and also free!

Sorry for being off-topic!


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I'd like to thank you for your interest in our site.

yes that's right the forum does use dcscripts DCforum 2000 , the main reason I chose this script to power the discussion forum at satellites.co.uk was for flexibility. Dcforum is also very powerful and fast in delivering pages and I am told that there is no lose in speed when the forum grows.

You can find more details on the script @ http://www.dcscripts.com

No sponsors the site all the cost for the set-up and advertising of the site have all come out of my own pocket , I never expect to make any money from the site , I just hope that people will use the site on a regular basis to help the site become the #1 site for satellite information.

Yes I'd love you to provide a link to our site......please link to http://www.satellites.co.uk and anyone else can also use this link to provide a link to this site

satellites admin

ps. sorry for the delay in the reply.


Thanks Chris for your helpful reply posting.

I have been looking around at message forums and yours takes some beating !!
I really like the nice clean look of your board.

I did find www.dcscripts during my searches, although I find that I could now setup and moderate my own forum on your board.

Thanks again
best regards
[email protected]


I've found that it is called DCForm -----

Thanks for your help Aled,

I's always nice to "meet" friendly people on this message board.

I did find www.dcscripts.com during my searching around and it looks and feels like the best.

I will have a look at www.discusware.com time allowing (and thanks for the info).

best regards
[email protected]