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Copying Films from Dreambox to PC


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Hi Guys,

Has anyone played with copying films from the DB back to a PC.

Well the problem I have is that the files are saved as multiple .ts files
I am trying to create one mpg file that I can then use divx on.

I have installed the elecard codec and player but they just seem to sit there.

If I load a .ts into media player it loads up but also just sits there.

Has anyone else had any experience in this area?

I am trying to use a util called mpegjoin but this util seems to have some problems with the .ts files.


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I've played with it a bit, but I'm no expert.

I used PVAStumento V2.1.0.9 which will open the multiple .ts files, and then demux them as if they were one. Really neat in that it splits the output files when the audio or video format changes, like just when the film starts and finishes!

Saves you editing the resultant files. Gives you the .mpv and .mpa files, but I had problems putting them back together. Quality was slightly off, and slight lipsync probs. Mangaged to eliminate most of the glitches, but havn't played with it since. Have a look at Klona's guide. It has links to the mpeg2 to DVD giude in it.