coship5300A bootloader b21 .bin file



hi all,if u attempt to upgrade coship5300A original firmware version2.01 or other version (H/W version: STS-MB.00-CI-SZL0)with upgrade tool 3.4,tool2.0.0,and tool 3.1 etc.u may could not succeed.
u`d upgrade the boot day,i upgrade my coship cdvb 5300A <FTA + 2CI slots+ 2 SCARTS (STi5518 Chip)>from b21 to b39.02 with the bootloader 2.1.0 ,i found there was no sound out,and,when i put key to it,tv program pic come out only 10 secs.for example,i put the Nagravision scambal tv key 00key and 01key accomplish,the tv program come out at the longest most about 10 secs.
when i typing 7799 on common interface,i found the Nagravision scambal 00key shift to 01key place ,and 01key shift to 00key place,so no Nagravision scambal tv program out.
some people has try to entere 9999 in the menu infomation(i don`t know whare is the right place in stb menu that i can do it ),to solve no sound problem,and succeed,i also did that,but no menu for changing sound output.i had try it on all menu when trun my stb switch on(then on tv program ch.,i also try it with tv program ch.),no asked for confirm and rebooted which it happened on others`
i thougt,the patch software writer attempt to get more space,destroy more function that the official stb my stb original bootloader has been corrupted. because the patch software is a bit biger then the official original firmware. the official firmware uptool version is 1.0.0 ,and no bootloader button on it.(all EMU or patch bootloader tool are biger then the original one)
i had try to get my stb back to boot b21 and official software version 2.01,regretfully, not successful.for i have no original boot.bin file
i believe,at present,no way can settle this problem,except original boot b21 .bin file (the same size as the b39.02.bin file)came out!so as right bootloader tool

coship 5300A <FTA + 2CI slots+ 2 SCARTS (STi5518 Chip)>
receiver infomation is:
product: cs5300A
S/W version: SI00A-2.07R-B39.02 JAN 23 2005 (official should is:SI00-2.01R-B21)
H/W version: STS-MB.00-CI-SZL0