crazy climate,in july a lot of rain,and now 24 degrees each day!



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the last 3 summer,was very strange ,so much raining this year in july and last year in august,that the streets are overflooded,and the firefighters,have a lot to pump the water out from the basements,when rainfall happens like in the tropic!
the weater forcast man say,to much rain in summer,and now in september,we have 24 degrees each day clear sky,and real hot,last week was bad weahter,and the rapatly change 10 degrees then 24 sometimes makes me very tiered!

when i watch the razing planet series on disvovery i dont want to know,how the weater looks in 15-20 years!
always more wind and wind here,when i go biking,5 year ago it was not so intensive..
the ozone hole will be always bigger and bigger,and when the dont stop to cut the rainforest in brazil,where every minute,fall the size of a football field of tries i see dark for the future,!

in winter is strange,sometimes to warm,but it can also very cold like 3 years ago,where air from antarctica preasured to the alps and we have temperature of nearly minus 20 in the night,in the 70"s was minus 28,very cold..

for the metrologist it is always more diffucult to get an exact weather forcast!
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From the perspective of a commercial satellite installer, very few of the rain fade margin formulae from the mid 90's are accurate these days.