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Please could someone let me know were i can find files for cryptoworks to program on goldwafer or funcards especially to veiw wizja channels.
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Jan 1, 2000
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Unfortunately the cryptoworks is not yet hacked althouh there is good progress on this. There is also a rumour that cyfra+ will take over wija.


I doubt there will be any crack of cryptoworks in the same way as Seca, Nagra, Irdeto, Viacess etc.

Cryptoworks is better, safer system.
MPEG is coming to receiver coded with public code - it means code is a part of file received, after it CI cryptoworks module (external PCMCIA or internal - depends on receiver type) takes 128 bit code and send it to card (card is also small computer) which response with another 128 bit generated (somehow) from input 128 bit.
This sequence is used by CI CW module to decode data received friom satellite.
To crack CW is possible on two places:
1. The card - to find step by step via computer 128 bit long code takes many years even on very fast computers.
2. To crack CW module - it will not need any card for decryption in this case. But: Algorithm of CW is known, it is a kind public RSA code (banking is using the same principle), and it is "uncracable" - code is transferred publicly with data. Computers of provider can code sequences send code and data to decoder. Even you know exactly the algoritmh if you do not have right decoding chain of bits, you can do nothing.

Neither is working, or at least neither is easy to do.
Algorithm in card which is changing 128 bits to another 128 bits, can be different for every provider and provider can select and use any. (Or there can be several on card, changed via satellite instructions, etc). This is probably the most probable crack position: somebody from provider stuff will open the algoritm to public.

But in this case you did not crack CW, but one provider system.

In real current situation there is no crack available for CW.
The only way used by hackers are "lost" cards.
Lost card = original provider card, purchased officialy at the beginning.
There are ways how to change data at "lost card". Data = available TV channels and expiration dates.

Providers are fighting with such a lost cards and CW cards has internal software (card is computer) which switch off the card after instructuin from sattelite. Such instructions are send by provider to every lost card.
To beat it hackers developed "blockers", filter devices between the CI module and card which release only "good" instructions to prevent card to be switched off via satellite.

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Software like Crypto2001 and similar (you can find them on many upload servers) is not cracking sw, but sw for changing records in the lost cards (or official cards with only basic offer paid to extend to every channel).
No crack, no codes, no FUN, no DS9, no emulators.

Even there is not known method how to renovate cards switched off by provider via satellite instruction. I personally believe that there is no method existing. Or if I would be provider, there will be no method. It would be much easier to give to paying customer switched off by an ocasional mistake totally new card, than to open so big hacking window. Computer program in card can loooooop in some service mode forever with no chance to break this loop.