David Blaine Watch



A 24-hour a day medical watch is being maintained on American illusionist David Blaine as he today completes the 30th day of his televised starvation stunt.

Blaine has been starving himself in a transparent box suspended from a crane near Tower Bridge in London. He is attempting to live for 44 days existing only on water.

The event is being televised around the clock on Sky and in special programming on Channel 4.

It has been suggested that Blaine has only been spending the daylight hours in his box and is removed at night by a cherry-picker which is raised to clean the outside. Blaine's production team control the pictures that viewers see and a recent ITV programme suggested the pictures were freeze-framed to give the illusion of Blaine sleeping. A Blaine double was also shown in the programme, suggesting that he was used at times when Blaine left his box.

Blaine’s box can be lowered in less than two minutes if he needs urgent medical attention, and he can be stabilised on site before being rushed to hospital.