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Hi all, I have just managed to put a new image on to my sat dbox2 but the box then askes for the ucodes. When i try to send the codes over to the box the connection seems to error. I also cannot get the serial port to work. I am running windows xp if that gives any clues. I have also tried every ip address i can find.
I hope some one can help because i have just killed a complete weekend.
Many thanks.


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try this m8

FTPing to Dbox and how to Transfer and Backup Images, Service files and Bouquets
Whats needed....
A Dbox in Debug Mode
A RJ45 Crossover Cable (if you do not know what this is then its probably best to stop here)
A PC (I had a few problems using my laptop but no issues using a desktop.)
Either a recent version of Internet Explorer, version 5 or above, or FlashFXP or other FTP
Note: The DBox is NOT to be connected to the PC at this point so if you have connected them via
Crossover cable then take it back out.
First things first, Setting up the PC so that its ready to communicate with the Dbox
1. Open the Control Panel then go into Network Connections
2. You may have a few different connections so disable all of them with the exception of the
connection that you are going to use to communicate with the dbox.
3. Right click on the connection to be used and select "Properties"
4. If using Windows XP turn off the firewall by clicking on the "Advanced" tab, click "Settings"
under "windows firewall" then select "Off" then click "Ok" then click on the "general" tab
4b. If you are using another firewall then be sure to disable it or you won't be able to connect to
the Dbox. If you don't know how then stop here.
5. Double click on "internet protocol" to take you into the IP settings
6. Click "Use the following IP addess"
7. Type in into the "IP address box
8. Type in into the "Subnet mask" box if it is not automatically put in
9. Type in into the "Default gateway" box
10. Click "OK" then "OK" again to save the settings
Thats the computer ready now its time to setup the DBox
1. If not already turned on, turn on the Dbox. If there is no image on the box or if "Kein System" is
showing on the display then move onto the IFA tutorial.
2. Once booted up press the "Dbox" button on the remote which on mine is 2 below the power
3. Select "Settings" from the menu that pops up on the screen (should be 4 from the bottom)
4. Select "Network" from the new menu (should be 6 from the top)
5. Select "IP Address" (should be 7 from top) and change it to then press "OK" on
the remote
6. Select "Default Gateway" (3 below IP Address) and change it to then press "OK
on the remote
7. The "Subnet Mask" (Below "IP Address") should be, if it is not change it
8. Select "Start/Restart Network Now" (5th from top)
9. Select "Show Active Network Settings" (4th from top)
10. Go "Back" then click "Save Settings" to save everything.
Now that everything is set up its time to communicate with your dbox
1. Connect your Dbox to your PC via the crossover cable.
2. Open your "Network Connections" from the "Control Panel" of your PC
3. Right click on the connection you are using to communicate with your DBox and select Repair
(this simply refreshes the connection)
4. Open up Internet Explorer or Flash FXP or whatever program you are using to connect to the
5a. If using Internet explorer simply type FTP:// into it. If asked, the username is
"root" and the password is meant to be "Dbox2" but it can be absolutely anything.
5b. If using Flash FXP click on the lightning flash then quick connect then type into
the "Server or URL" box type in "root" as the username and "dbox2" as the password then click
You have now connected to your Dbox but its time to backup some stuff
If you are mearly updating your image then you will want to backup your services files and your
bouquet files to do this you need to find where they are.
1a. In IE type again you may be asked for a username
and password
1b In Flash FXP if you don't know how to do it start using IE coz i can't be arsed typing out 2 sets
of instructions anymore =oP
2. Copy the Services.xml and Bouquets.xml to a safe place such as your desktop
Now to upload a nice new Image
1. Get your new image from the "Usual" places but make sure its the appropriate one. If it is a
single processor box then the 1x image is needed if it has 2 processors then the 2x image is
2. In internet explorer address bar type again typing in the username and
password if necessary
3. Drag the image from where you have saved it into the window.
Now that the new Image is uploaded its time to flash the box
1. Press "Dbox" on the remote
2. Select "Service Menu" (3rd from bottom) and hit "OK"
3. Select "Image Update" (very last option)
4. Select "Flash Read/Write" (2nd Option)
5. Select "Write One Partition" (2nd From Bottom)
6. Select "Flash without bootloader"
7. Select the Image to flash. If you can't see the image make sure its the correct image and that it
has been extracted ie make sure its a .img file and not .rar
8. Select yes if prompted to continue and your finished. The box will reboot and your nearly there
Now that you have a fresh new image its time to get back your channels and bouquets
that you saved
1. Go to this part of the guide "Thats the computer ready now its time to setup the DBox" and
follow those steps through to reconfigure the IP on your box.
2. Open IE and type into the address bar
3. Copy the Services.xml and Bouquets.xml files that you backed up earlier into this folder.
4. Either reboot your box or Hit Dbox-Service-Refresh Channel List to get your channels back
Note, if you are starting from scratch you will be able to get the Services and Bouquets files for
your area from the usual places. If you can't you will need to perform a Scan and set up your own
Bouquets which is also in this guide.
Using IFA to flash the Dbox
Some people prefer to use IFA right from the get go but others use it only in emergencies.
Regardless this program will flash your Dbox from the boot which means if you have any errors
such as the dredded "Kein System" then IFA will sort them.
Before beginning make sure you back up your service.xml and bouquets.xml files if you want to
keep them
1. Make sure your computer is set to the settings given in "First things first, Setting up the PC so
that its ready to communicate with the Dbox"
2. Open IFA at the welcome screen hit "next"
3. Select the Image you wish flashed onto the box by clicking "Scan" and selecting it
4. Select the Network Device you are using to connect to the Dbox. If you have followed my guide
correctly there should only be 1.
5. If you have a Nullmodem Cable you can connect it if you wish but it is not necessary. If you
have one select yes, if you don't select no. then click "start"
6. Turn on your Dbox at the mains. If you had it turned on turn it off (at the mains) then turn it
back on.
7. If you get lucky "flashing" will show on the Dbox screen. If after a few seconds it doesn't turn it
off at the mains.
8. The window should minimize so click on it to get it back. Select the "Settings" tab and change
the IP to
9. Click "Start"
10. Turn on your Dbox.
11. It should now come up flashing first time. If it doesn't try turning the dbox off then back on
again a few times. If it doesnt work after a dozen goes start from the beginning as it should really
work first time.
Your box now has a nice image in it, if you backed up your Service and Bouquet files its time to
put them back in via "Now that you have a fresh new image its time to get back your channels
and bouquets that you saved" part of the guide.
Scanning for New Channels
If you are looking to start from scratch you may want to find your own channels and create your
own bouquets. In order to do this you need to perform a Scan to find what channels are available
to you. Heres now..
1. Press "Dbox" on your remote
2. Select "services" from the menu
3. Select "Service Scan" (3rd down) from the menu
4. "Scan for Services" should be set to "TV & Radio"
5. "Bouquet" should be set to "Leave existing" press ok to scroll through
6. "Cable provider" should be set to Sym6887 for N*L or Sym 6952 for TellyPest
7. "Fast Scan" should be set to off
8. Select "Start Scan"
Be prepared to wait up to an hour for the scan to complete. Once it has its time to create some
bouquets with your nice new channels.
Creating Your own Bouquets
If you want to make up your own Bouquets (menu's) then its actually pretty easy
1. Press "Dbox" on your remote
2. Select "Services"
3. Select "Bouquet Editor"
4. Along the bottom you will see your options. The red button deletes the selected bouquet, the
green button adds a bouquet, the yellow button moves the bouquet up and down the list and the
blue button renames a bouquet.
5 Press the green button to add a bouquet and type the name of it
6. Select that bouquet once you have added it then press the green button again to add a
channel to it.
7. The list of new channels will come up, select the one you wish to add to this particular list. You
can select more than one, just press the ok button for each one you wish to add and a dot will
appear next to it. When you are happy press back.
8. Repeat this for as many bouquets and channels you wish to add.
9. When finished press back until you are asked if you want to save. If you are happy select
"yes" to save your new bouquets.
At any time you can go back in and change the order of the bouquets etc by using the move
button. Play around, you won't break it =oP
Recording Direct to your PC
Ok here is where things get a little more complicated. I only advise doing this if you are really
comfortable with flashing/scanning etc as there have been problems in the past lol
Mounting your Harddrive so that your Dbox can see it
1. Make sure your computer is set to the settings given in "First things first, Setting up the PC so
that its ready to communicate with the Dbox"
2. Make sure your username on the pc has a password on it. If not then create one by going into
control panel, user accounts, select your username then create a password.
3. Create a folder in your C: drive named "Dbox" then folders inside it called "Movies", "MP3" and
4. Right click on each of the folders, including the "Dbox" one, then select "Sharing and Security"
5. Tick "Share this folder on the Network" and "Allow network users to change my files" then click
6. Press "Dbox" on your remote.
7. Select "Settings"
8. Select "Network Settings"
9. Scroll to "Mount Network Volume"
10. Select the fist NFS:
11. Change "Type" to CIFS
12. Change "Server IP" to
13. Change "Directory Share" to "Dbox"
14. Change "local Directory" to /mnt
15. Mount on startup is optional
16. Mount Options are to be set to rw,soft,udp
17. Username is your windows username and password is the windows password
18. Select Mount Now.
Recording Settings
1. Press Dbox then "Settings" then "Recording"
2. Scroll "Recording device" until it says "Direct(file)"
3. Select "Direct Recording Settings"
4. Select "Default Recording Directory" and select "mnt/movies"
5. Set Max File size to 4096
6. Set No. of Ringbuffers to 20
7. Set all other options to off with the exception of "record all Audio PID's" and "Long
Filename....." Which should be set to "on"
8. Go back then select "Save/Activate Changes"
9. Go back again then go to Miscellaneous
28. Set "Load SPTS at boot" to "on"
29. Go back then save again
Now the Box is set to record to your computer, its time to sort out playback.
1. Press "Dbox"
2. Select "Movie Player"
3. Select "Settings"
4. Set "Streaming Server" to "On"
5. Set "Streaming Server IP" to
6. Set "Directory(VLC)" to C:/Dbox/Movies
7. Set "Default Directory" to /mnt/movies
8. Go back then into the "Settings" menu then select "Save"
Playing a recording
1. To test that everything is working come out of all the menu's.
2. Press the blue button then the red button "Record start". Let it run for a minute or so saving to
your harddrive.
3. Press "record stop" or if you have came out of that menu blue button then red again.
4. If no errors occur press "Dbox" button then select "Movie Player"
5. Select "Play TS" then select the recording that you just made.
If everything plays then you are finished!
Playing MP3's Thru the Dbox and Viewing Pics
1. Press Dbox
2. Go to Settings then "Audio Player / Pic Viewer"
3. Change Default Directory under Picture Viewer to /mnt/Pics/
4. Change Default Directory under Audio Player to /mnt/MP3/
5. Any MP3's you want to play put them into the MP3 folder in DBox in your Cdrive
6. Any Pics you want to view put them in the Pics folder in Dbox in your Cdrive
7 To play MP3's Press Dbox then Audio Player, press the green button to add songs then select
the ones you want on the playlist.
8 To view pics Press Dbox then go to Picture Viewer, press the green button to add pics from the
Pics folder and up it comes.
Adding Games to your Dbox
1. Get games from the usual places.
2. Setup an ftp connection as per the start of this guide. Make sure you can browse the Dbox.
3. Copy the games you have downloaded to either (make sure you extract them first)
One of these will exist, a bit of trial and error will let you know which one to use. Different images
are different.
4. Press Dbox then Games to try them out
Hopefully this guide will provide usefull to everyone in one way or another. I have tried my best to
keep it as thorough as possible while being relatively simple to follow. In some cases i have put
where in the menu the option is i am talking about, as in 5th one down, but i stopped doing this
the further through the guide i went as if you want to do the more advanced setups you should
start at the beginning and learn your way up to them.