Dead man told to buy computer



A man who died more than 30 years ago has been sent a grant by the Italian government.

A scheme there provides grants to young people to help them by computers.

The man would have been 116 if he was still alive.

In the letter to Nicola Valeriani, innovations minister Lucio Stanca, wrote: "Dear Nicola, this year, to congratulate you on coming of age and to mark this special occasion, I want to congratulate you with a special gift.

"As part of an initiative by my ministry known as the 'Fly with Internet' project you have been selected to receive a grant to help you get on-line and buy a new PC."

Valeriani died in 1974 and a spokesman at the Italian Innovations ministry said a computer glitch had resulted in the computer assuming the dead man was 16 and alive, not 116 and dead.

Valeriani's daughter who was sent the letter handed the cheque back. She said her dad was born in 1887 and fought in two world wars.