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I'm new to satellite systems and looks like this is going to be the start of a new hobby... I've spent a long time deciding on what receiver I need and looks like its going to be the Dreambox 7025.

Now I need to start to think about the rest of the system...
I know I want a motorised dish and I know that I can install up to 90cm without planning permission. The rest is a gaping void of what I do not know. And as a famous defence secretary once put it, I'm not sure that I know what I don't know. And that is where you experienced guys on here come in..

My questions are.....

- What should I be looking for in a satellite dish that will make the most of a dreambox ?
- Is it easy to buy the dish and associated equipment (cables, etc?) in one?
- Any recommendations of where to buy?
- Do I also need to buy a satellite finder?

After this my plan is;
- Buy system
- Try to install
- Swear lots
- Read the stickies on here about how to install
- Realise that I should have read that first and then try again to install
- Get it 'sort of' working
- Accept this for a few weeks as I am fed up with it
- Wife moans that we cannot get Channel 4 any more and she cannot record Coronation Street
- Swear lots
- Come back to the forum with more questions
- Have a state of the art system that works perfectly.

Thanks guys,,,,


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Dreamboxes are wonderful beasties but take time to learn. Only consider them if you like a bit of a challenge and are prepared for some headaches. :D
Good choice though - although remember the 7025 isnt as well supported as the 7020 or 7000, although it does score with having the extra tuner facility.

And yes your plan sounds about right.