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Problem now solved. The Cryptowirks cam had a some wierd fault that caused it to crash after 5 to 20 minutes when operationg in a Strong or Samsung receiver. But it didn't crash when tested on a Topfield pvr-revciever. Sod's Law that that should be the receiver we initially tested the cam on when I tried it out in the shop, and which lead us to an initial wrong conclusion. Derek

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My wife is Japanese and watches JSTV (Japanese TV) on Hotbird using a Cryptoworks viewing card in a Philips Cryptoworks CAM. Over the last two months the decode fails after around 10-15 minutes and we get a blank screen with "weak or scramble" error message . If I turn off and reboot it works again for a while. I should mention that all free-to-air channels on Hotbird continue to be received with no problem and at good signal level. I had a friend try the viewing card in a Crytopworks embedded receiver. It was stable over two hours test. I took the CAM plus viewing card to a sat shop and tried it out in a CI reciever. It was stable over 35 mins which strongly suggested that the the CAM+viewing card combination is ok. So I bought a new receiver as the Strong receiver I was using was maybe out of date software-wise and is not supported in the UK anymore anyway and it seemed logical that the receiver was now the only part of the system that could be at fault. So with a brand new Samsung DSB-A300W I thought it would be problem solved.

Nope!! still same problem. After 10 mins or so the picture goes, sound still there (which is a slight improvement). This time the error mesage says "please insert smart card" . If I withdraw and reinsert the card or CAM it works again. Even after the decode fails the setup menu function can still see the Crytoworks CAM and even gives me info on the JSTV card including valid dates etc.

I still supect the CAM and maybe it gets a little hot and then unstable. Maybe it was cooler in the shop. Its clutching at straws I know. Any ideas as to what the problem may be. We ran for 5 years with this CAM previously and no problem. Thanks Derek