Desirable, portable Dell laptops? Yes, really…

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Jun 26, 2007
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Dell laptops are dull. If you’re after something relatively lightweight but feature-packed, you’re not likely to go for one. But some leaked pics and specs have emerged on Engadget – and we can’t wait to see the real deal.
The Inspiron 1535 and 1735 models appear to be debuting late this month and early next, so we’d bet they’ll be sporting the next-gen version of Centrino, codenamed Montevina. The 1435 will be with us later in the year it seems.
The platform will appear alongside Intel’s Atom line at Computex in Taipei at the beginning of June. Engadget says the line will boast Penryn-class Core 2 Duos up to the T5850 2.16GHz model, while 3G data is also available on board.
Dell seems to have followed the crowd with its wedge-shaped design just over 2cm at its thinnest. But that can’t be a bad thing – at least you get an optical disc drive.
Montevina is the fifth version of the Centrino platform and, in addition to a Penryn processor, boasts an Intel Mobile 45 Express chipset with GMA X4500 graphics as well as 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Quite how many Montevina laptops will actually ship with WiMAX will be rather interesting indeed.