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well i,ve been thinking of buying a new receiver triple dragon or dreambox for the cs functions but also in my reaserch the diablo cam seems to be a good option (thats if the right files are released) i was wondering if anyone has brought one and what they think of them as i noticed the official software has been released also if anyone comes accross any unofficial software could they point me in the right direction cheers in advance
for those of you who have never heard of the cam i found a decent article that may help

I am now testing a new Cam that I am so proud to give you a feedback about my debugging mission…. The new Cam will be called Diablo!
Is a new Cam really needed? Yet another Cam like all the others (emus and some pornos)… NO… as you know when there is something really new on air I catch the moment!
Yes! Diablo! This is a really new concept Cam. I would rather say a Cam which is not like a read Cam (no ISO Smartcard reader but with the Plug-In Smartcard version Dragon like) that looks like a Wireless Module for Laptop to fit in the PCMCIA slot.

What the hell is that? … Well I said it is a New Concept Cam!
To the expert’s eye we can see there is a Wireless Module … so this is a Wireless Cam…
The Cam has been designed to read the Plug-In Sim from the module and read more than a card from the external Smartcard reader.
What other function would the wireless connection provide?
Well first of all I wanna show you the second part of the kit itself…

What the hell is that?
The experts will recognize 3 card readers …. Well slot down dreamer…. This is the developers version at present shown here… But… the Diablo Will come out with a Base module for communication….
1st revolution… The Smartcard will no be read by the Cam but from a remote Case can would hold up to 6 cards even if the standard version will be 2 cards. Extra 6 position card reader will be available in the really next future… but you got it right… up to 6 cards simultaneously….
2nd revolution… The Cam slot on the base allows a certain kind of marriage between Cam and Base… With just a little bit of fantasy I guess you can see it will be possible to share a card between more than a Cam like a home sharing…
3th revolution… The USB connection to the PC to manage all the functions between base and card and to operate like a Season Logger card… Useful or not the traffic with the Smartcard can be logged… More the possibility of send OSD screen messages from the PC to the CAM maybe information coming from Internet…. IP configurable etc…. I let you imagine then…
There we go with some screenshots taken from the beta firmware Stealth…

Some other features??
-Wireless connection up to 6 cards.
-Marriage between Cam and Base without the PC
-Plug-In slot that reads all the CAS.
-Season Logger functions
-About 80 Mts coverage.
-USB connection to the PC
-100Mhz Internal Processor Speed
-OSD messages with Multimedia Functions
-Smartcard Status for Embedded and Wireless Smartcard.
-Parenta Control.
-Smartcard managing function CAM depending (like Administrator and User functions)
-All DVB information shown
-Update by Funcard, OTA, Cas Interface…
My advice?? Stay tuned for more ....
nilton23-02-2006, 19:40:59
The Cam Stand Alone will do the following functions:
* Communicates with the Base via Wireless. Reads all the Smartcard in the 2 smartcard readers. All CAS Systems are supported. Officially Conax Cas 5 will be supported Irdeto 1 and 2, Seca 1 and 2, Viaccess 1 and 2, Conax, Cryptoworks, DreamCrypt, and some more he he... http://www.*********/images/smilies/wink.gif
* Supports all the Emulators actually around. A PC tool will allow you to convert existing typical softcam.key files into Diablo format and then trasfer the new softcam.key directly to the CAM without the need of re-programming the CAM all in wireless mode. Simply Drag and Drop.
* Emulators: Irdeto 1, Seca 1 and Seca 2 (with twister), Nagra 1 and 2 and some exclusives coming…
* File System. Once it is connected to the Base it will be possible to see the Cam content through a File system like a USB pen by specific software.
* Smartcard logger function. It will log all the Smartcard traffic between Cam and Card. This function is very very helpful to log all the traffic. ** to be implemented **
* Transport Stream logging. It will log some transport stream packets and send them via Wireless to the Base. Log files can be retreived via Wireless. ** to be implemented **
* Smartcard Check. The Cam will check and give information about all the Smartcard inserted in the Cam or in the Base.
* Multilanguage menu. All main languages will be supported. Most of the common languages are supported by the XML menu.
* DVB Info. All DVB-Info will be shown on the screen. PID, CAID etc etc.
* Sends/Receives Messages from the Base. This function allows the Cam to receive text messages from the Base and showing those on the OSD screen in real time.
* Marriage with the Base. The Cam must be married with a Base to be able to make it working. One “System Administrator” will be chosen in order to set system’s privileges i.e. Parental Controls etc etc.
* Administrator Menu. The Administrator will be able to set all the other users privileges of viewing.
* Pin protected functions. Throught this menu you will access to some specific fucntions of the CAM that can be restricted to the normal user.
* Fully customizable XML menus. All menus can be dragged and dropped with customized by language or funcions menu.
* Fully Firmware Upgradable. It can be upgraded by Fun Card, Cas Interface or Base equipment.
* Wireless splitter functions. This function allows the sharing wireless of one card inserted in the Base. All privileges for sharing (allowed channels etc etc) are decided by the Administrator Menu.
* Transport Stream Delayer function. Thanks to the Delayer all the Transport Stream can be delayed up to 2,6 seconds. Experts will understand what this means…
The Base can be working Stand-Alone or connected to a PC.
Stand-Alone functions (NOT CONNECTED TO A PC):
* Multiple Smartcard Reader. Reads up to 2 cards in standard version but can read up to 6 cards in advanced version. The Smartcard will be shared between one or more than one card.
* “Marriages” a Cam and can work the “Divorce”. Simply pressing a button on the CAM it will associate the base to the CAM and the way around to “dis-associate” it.
* Splitter function. Shares the 2 Smartcards with the “Married” Cams.
PC Connected functions (CONNECTED VIA USB 1.1 OR 2.0):
* Cam Programming. Can program different firmwares into the Cam and you can browse the CAM content of the Dataflash.
* Send Multimedia messages. Can send Multimedia messages to the Cam.
* Special Maintenance Software.
* Browse Cam content (like above with a File System) and send/remove files from the Cam like an Hard-Drive. The user will be able extract .log files generated by logging functions (Smartcard or Transport Stream)
* Cam programming will allow the user to change the firmware.
* Allow the user to set the various “Marriages” and “Divorces”.
CardSharing?? You have been told...