Digital Algerian TV on ASTRA 19.2



Hi all

I am using Strong 4350 with dish pointing at 19.2E. I am able to get signal from all frequences apart from 10.788V.

I have tried installing these chanels manually in vain.

Do I need to get another LNB, or is it a software upgrade I need.

10.788V Tp54 22000 5/6 or 7/8 not sure, my dish is 80cm with universal LNB.

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It could be one of three things

1) The receiver - faulty tuner at such a low frequency - I have heard that the stability of many receivers affects reception at the extremes of the tuning range

try setting the receivers LO to something other than the universal setting of 9750 and 10600 (for example set it to 10.600 only) and enter the frequency accordingly that would equate to 10788 (11638 MHz)
If you get signal then the software is faulty

2) LNB fault - try borrowing another receiver first and try it on the system, this will also determine if the cable has trouble. The change the LNB

3) Outside interference - If you are in central London or near built up area then low band terrestrial signals can block out the signal you need