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I've been thinking about getting a DAB receiver for the last few months but have been put off having read bad reviews of the quality of DAB in the UK.

I've currently got Sky+ running of a mini-dish with a quad LNB and want to know if I can access the Sky Digital Radio channels using a PCI Card like the SkyStar 2?

The card will be primarily for listening to the radio stations available on Sky during the day, controlled from my PC. I work from home and am fed up with the poor quality and selection of FM channels that are currently available. TV picture quality isn't that important, however audio quality is.

Is it as simple as getting hold of one of the cheaper cards (e.g. SkyStar, Hauppauge Nova-S, etc) and running some cable from one of the two spare LNB connections, or am I missing something?

Also, can I achieve what I want to without moving the mini-dish?

Thanks in advance!


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There are quite a lot of stations available free to air (not all) you can test by taking the card out of the digibox, or have a look at www, and go to 28.2 E, that will tell you exactly what is available. If that is sufficient, then run a cable from the dish and install your Skystar2, you can get one from, link at the top of the page. :)