Digital Television to launch HDTV on IPTV



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Digital Television to launch HDTV on IPTV

Milan-based company Digital Television has announced plans to launch ten DTV channels via IPTV from September. According to President and CEO Giuseppe Sbrissa, the HDTV channels will be dedicated to movies, music, sports and cartoons. The TV package includes 30 Sky Italia pay-TV channels (including movies, sports and football packages), a movie on demand service and digital terrestrial content, plus a personal video recorder function.

The triple-play offer, costing E40 a month, will also include 24Mbps internet (ADSL2+) plus unlimited voice calls towards fixed telephone numbers and significant discounts for calls towards mobile phones.

Since it does not have its own infrastructure, Digital Television has opted instead to invest E30 million in unicast technology, which it considers guarantees optimised reception for all subscribers. As a result, the cost of reaching a family will be E20, compared to the E200 to E300 of other operators. Digital Television can also rely on a satellite link for data transmissions, supplied by Eutelsat which recently became a 9 per cent shareholder in the operator.

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