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In these ever changing times driven by new technology, I find myself further and further from the cutting edge – 'at the blunt end' would probably better describe where I am currently residing.
Reason for this? Well, a certain amount of scepticism that new is necessarily better than old, and a reluctance to paying through the nose for something that will most likely be as little as half the price, within several months of purchase. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I do like to buy things that will improve my viewing experience. I do have a DVD recorder and a surround sound system – hardly cutting edge technology I hear you say!
But when I see the quality of some of the live TV studio broadcasts, such as X-Factor for example and their mosaic effect pictures (which only Claude Monet would be proud of), I am glad that I am viewing my freeview box through my Sony 100Hz CRT (yes! it is widescreen), rather than an HD ready LCD or Plasma – where the effect would be several times worse. Many other people seem to share the same experience of these dire compression/refresh rates when viewing Egyptian and Albanian live football events on satellite TV.
I can’t help but think that analogue gives a far cleaner and more honest representation of these events.

I certainly won’t be making the transition from digital to HD until this technology is firmly rooted into the regular TV programme line-ups, by which time things will have moved on to Super HD Hologram TV and a 42” HD TV will cost less than a pint of beer.

Respectfully yours,

C. Monet.