Digitalb On DM7025 For Footy Season 07/08


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Hi guys, I know there's a lot of people mulling over whats the best option for prem footy this season. Well to put it simply, there isn't one. Unless ofcourse you can receive show time, which most can't...

Any how to get the best from a bad bunch I've got myself a Digitalb SuperSport card today and thought I'd write a quick note on it.

I got it from marconi-digital for £135 (He's cheaper on ebay than on his own site). It came the next day pre activated. I bunged it in my DM7025 hit supersport 1 which I had already scanned. Waited a sec till my motor swung around. Next added CCCam 2.0.3 to my auto cam setup for this provider and bingo the channel cleared. Couldn't be easier.

So here's just a little heads up to say if your thinking of footy for this season the digital alb works great on the 7025 using CCCam 2.0.3 and with Premier Sports Portal also open it helps add to the choice.:)

Come back ART all is forgiven !!!
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Sky Italia Calio seems best option to me. Best range of games, but not all with english audio. But you don't have audio/commentary whem you go to the game!