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Digitallworld sft2000

Hi to all on the forum,

New poster here looking for any reliable info concerning the digitallworld SFT2000 fta receiver. Updates for this product have been hit and miss for a while now. Am wondering if I should 'upgrade' to the Dreambox solution. Or am wondering if MR might be an option? Anyone any views on this? I have a 1 metre, static dish with 3 lmb's running thru a disecq4 switch,covering hotbird and astra on 13.0e, 19.2e and 28.2e,

any info thankfully received,

My Satellite Setup
dig allworld sci2100
Nokia MM 9500 DVB2000
moving dish 90cm gregorean
dreambox 500
My Location
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( vandaag in dit geval ook key 0B.)

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