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Disecq 2.0 switch and 2 LNB's


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I've got a edision receiver, and I've 2 LNB's on 2 dishes, one for hispasat, and the other one for Astra.

I've a disecq swith 2.0 to have one only way to the receiver, I've set up the dishes on the menu, and changed : dish 1 - disecq A ; dish 2 - disecq B, and on the swith I have sw1, that should be the same as A and sw2, that should be the same as B.

My main problem is that making this I can't have the twoo LBS working! and when I make a search on one of the dishes, that one remains active on the receiver, and the other one no!

Am I making any mistake? should I cange something more on the setup? should I have a disecq 1.0 instead of an 2.0 ?

I hope that someone can help me solving this issue!!