diseq help please



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Diseq Motor help please! MOTECK 2100
I setup my a PLAZA ST300 last night, (as a 2nd receiver) it was looped through to my primary receiver, which is a Topfield 5500.

I then did an OTA upgrade, did a factory reset - and now my DISEQ motor is stuck on 1W - my reference position.

I have it looped through to my Topfield 5500 as i said above, so i thought i'd eliminate this from my problem first of all, and put it back to how it was.

I.e I put back the main LNB input into my TF5500, but now my Topfield wont move from 1W - even if i change from USALS to DISEQ i cant even drive it manually E or W.

What have i done!?

PS when i put the LNB input into the PLAZA, i can move it via USALS to the WEST positions only, AND up to 7 EAST only, not further.

So basically, fitting the PLAZA has screwed my otherwise perfectly working system up, which has been working fine with USALS for months now, and i want to cry. PLEASE HELP!

Will i need to reset the motor (reset button)

Hope not, ladders in the snow, isnt my ideal night in.