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DiSEqC plugin,What is the best one?


ASBO Club Member - Persona non grata
I am wondering what DiSEQc plugin you are using with ProgDVB and MT 2.76 ? I just took down my Triax 110cm dish and put up a new Patriot 90 cm with a new SG-2100 motor and dont really care much for the plugins I have now.Is there a BEST one that works good (best)? Also do you think the Triax 110 cm is too much for the motor ? I would rather use the Triax because my Maxi block lnb holder (4lnb's)will fit it without modification.I hate to "file down" the fittings to make it fit the Patriot dish. Does anyone know of a "stand alone" DiSEQc program that runs in Windows,just for setting the motor that can be used just for positioning the dish only ? need some ideas please. I used to have a Coship 5300 that I used with an SG-2100 motor but now want to use it on my Nexus-S