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DiSEqC Problem

My Satellite Setup
Comag SL-65 (v2005)
Thompson skydigibox
80cm at28E Dual LNB (Sky&SL-65).
80cm at19E=MainFocus of (6deg) Monoblock, Offset=13E.
60cm at Hispasat.
My Location
I had forgotten about this thread until I spotted an email notification of a posting just now.

I got my DiSEqC problems sorted some time ago (with a lot of difficulty in the process).

Currently, looking from the end nearest the STB (as opposed to the Satellite Dishes end):

I have a 2-way High Quality DiSEqC Switch (that has an internal screw allowing some adjustments).
[I'm calling it the HQ Switch throughout here, for clarity]

Off the 1st Port of the HQ Switch, I have a cheaper 2-way DiSEqC Switch (Cascaded)

Off one port of this Cheaper Switch I have a Dish facing ASTRA 28E
Off the other port of this Cheaper Switch I have a Dish facing HISPASAT 30W
Off the 2nd Port of the HQ Switch, I have a Monobloc
(As a Monobloc already contains an in-built DiSEqC Switch, it is in Cascade with the HQ Switch).
The Monobloc has 6 degree separation, pulling in HOTBIRD 13E & ASTRA 19E, from a Single Dish.

All switching occurs automatically, and correctly 95+% of the time.

Required STB DiSEqC Menu setup will vary - depending on STB Model & Version.