Dish alignment help required

Hi there to all.

Your assistance is required to help me re-align my dish after high winds. Hear are my details:

Satellite orbit (deg E) -359.0E setup on 1W
Site latitude (degN+, S-) 52.915 Derby UK
Site longitude (deg E) -1.472E

Dish azimuth (deg E relative to true north) 177.15
Dish azimuth (deg E relative to magnetic north) 181.49
Dish elevation (deg) 29.52
Slant range (km)
Polarisation tilt (deg) -1.72

Polar mount main axis angle (deg) 53.59
Polar mount dish offset tilt (deg) 6.89

On my polar mount (Channel master 6033) there is a setting for Latitude adjustment and declination adjustment, what settings should i be applying to which of the adjustments.

Is my latitude 52.915 applied to Lat adj or is it the polar mount angle of 53.59 applied?

Then where it says Declination adj is has a scale of 20-70 degrees, previous coments indicate that this angle is less then 9 degrees, so do i need to be adding something or deducting something from one of the calculations to get the appropiate measurement?




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Unless you have already altered any of the adjustments on the mount you will
find that what has happend is the mount as moved round on the pole, and just requires
tweaking. have put center pops on mount and pole to be able to to return dish to its
correct position. live in clacton and has happend to me a couple of times