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I have a dreambox DM800 and wish to move to a motorised system.

I believe I am limited to 1.2m dish on the building I live in. at the mo I use a 90 cm and i get all chans that are available this far over. I know unless I go to 2m dish I won't get BBC etc.. which is fine.

I am a noob to this so please excuse any dumb questions.

I have read through the forums and I'm reasonably happy about setting up the dreambox side of things. What I am concerned about is which dish type do I need, the best motor to use and LNB. There are lots of info on all of these items but its confusing when there are offset & dishes etc......

For the motor i think DiSEgC is the best option and I need a motor with metal gears. What is the recommend brands and models.

Do i use a universal LNB and what db rating should i use

Is it possible to set up a multi LNB system and use a motor ? I ask this as it would save the motor turning too often and speed up zapping times If I set them at 13e, 19e & 28e which is generally what I will look at 60% of the time.

I plan to scan the sky as far over E & W as I can, the dish has a clear view 360 degrees.

Next issue is the cable length, for my sly UK set up it works fine (UK sky box, until storms come then its ropey) but I believe the cable run will be about 55-60 meters so I assume I will need a signal amplifier ? If so what one is best to use and will it work ok with the motor ?

Thanks in advance.



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Type of motor will depend on dish size. Ideally an H-H DISEqC for up to a 100cm and 36v type motor/Vbox for 120cm and over.

Possible to install an offset LNb arrangement with a motorised system for quick channel changing, DISEqC switch required.

Universal LNb would suit, as low a noise figure as possible (although these are not accurate).

50Mts of cabling would be the maximum before amplication would be required.