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I have a simple dish position control unit. "GLOBO", a product from Poland or so.

No functional problem with that. But working all positioner like that?:
the motor (actuator for a 3.6 m mesh dish) runs at full speed and when the programmed position is reached, it switches the power off and shortens the windings of the DC motor (electrical braking). But that method is very inaccurate, as it overshoots always the position.

On other positioners (also in receivers integrated), is there a slow-down before the motor (actuator) comes at the programmed position to a hold?

I got so frustrated about the overshooting, and build therefore myself a speed control for the motor, so I can adjust the speed. But I have to adjust the position now manually via two push buttons "West" or "East". And with a potentiometer the speed.

Ideal would be a digital position control, where the dish starts to move toward the selected bird and say 20 counts before the position is reached, the speed is reduced and finally stops via the receiving signal (picture).

Anything like that on the market????




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Hi nopfusch

Don't know about stand-alone positioners. but there's certainly nothing in the positioner circuitry of my Echostar that provides this feature. Pulse counting is done in the receiver, stop signal fed to the positioner's East or West relays, that's it. (Witnessed by the abrupt halt of my dish). Suppose you could engineer a pulse - slowdown circuit somewhere along the motor pulse feedback circuit.