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dish size for testing skybox in central italy


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Hi Guys,
I want to connect a sky digibox on my existing 80 cm dish in central italy, before upgrading the dish to a 1.20.
Say, if I connect it to the 80 cm one just for a test is it possible to pick up some channels (i.e default ones).
Certainly I know that for central italy i need at least a 1.20 for astra a and b, but I i just want to try it on a 80 cm one which I already got and get some sort of signal l connected.
is it possible???


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Based on published footprints from the satellite operators, (not practical experience, mind ), you will get south beams from Astra 2 on an 80 cm dish, some north beam (just) and some Eurobird frequencies.
Apart from 2D, your signal strength in central Italy appears to similar to central spain, but it depends exactly where you are. You don't say.