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Hi All,
Been looking at the previous posts about Astra2D and the south of france. I'm looking to do the same and get freeview in the South of France but I am having difficulty in understanding what sort of dish I can use.

I see that there are oval and circular dishes made of mesh, solid and fiberglass. I need to get the right sort of dish for all year round reception so I get minimum rain fade. But on the other hand I need to keep the dish size as small as possible.

Is it right that a 70cm oval mesh dish will give the same performance as an 80cm circular and a 70cm oval fiberglass dish will give the same performance as 90cm circular.

I also need to find out about the best LNB to use so the I can get maximum gain and minimum noise. Its new to me all this so please go easy on me.

I have seen some information that shows that I will need a 33 deg elevation and 19deg E to see the Astra satellites is this correct ?

Sorry for my ignorance but I would like to get it right first time. Any help is appreciated.



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Your location in the South of France will determine the dish size required. you check this map...


Once you have the size required it is really up to yourself what type of dish you want. Importantly if the dish and LNB match then you will get the best signal.

In other words you can have a big dish which isn't set up correctly and will still work or a smaller dish set up with a matching LNB that will work better.

The S*y mini dish is a good example - the LNB is matched exactly to the dish shape and size to receive the optimum performance.

Rain will effect the signal but again if you are receiving a strong signal shouldn't harm your reception.

Have a look around and choose the dish/LNB you would like and come back and as for other advice. A lot of people hear will know if your choice is a good one.

Hope this helps.


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I'm currently near Orange (84) and I am using a $ly region 2 dish. This gives me all the channels but they disappear when anything more than light to moderate rain falls.

I installed an FTV system for my friends nearby using an 88cm offset solid dish and they need very strong rain to fall before they lose channels.

Don't get too wrapped up in the differences between solid and mesh dishes, and don't worry about glassfibre dishes as they are not usually a problem at these sizes.

Hope that helps.



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I installed a Andrew 1.2M system recently down in Nice France for a friend, however he doesn't receive Astra 2D as he only wanted to watch the channels from Canal Digital on the Thor satellites.

Receiving Thor, all beams down there works perfect, some transponders vary in signal thruout the day but we got 24/7 reception even in rain with quite a good marginal above threshold.

Think i have picture here from my installation as you can see.