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hi guys i am currently using a 1.1 triax i am situated south coast ukand my 1.1 triax is on the roof 4 floors up.My problem is when the winds come the dish tends to come off the arc not a real problem for 13 16 19 east,but a no go for 30 and 15 west.I have been thinking of downsizing my dish as was wondering what size I could go down to without losing a noticiable signal level.\the other thing i have noticed is the nuts and bolts that came with the dish dont seem that sturdy as they were a few years ago,is this a general thing or do some dish manufacturers produce better quality,if anyone could point me in the right direction maybe to better dish more resistant to wind iI would as always be most grateful


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Does your dish have to be four floors up as there it will not get any shelter from strong winds.
Remember your dish will work just as well at ground level (provided you still have line of sight of the sats) or is there somewhere between ground level and the fourth floor were it can be placed and so give it some protection from the wind.