Help Required Dish Tv Zenega CD-1004iS


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Nov 19, 2015
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Hello Everyone!

I own a Dish Tv's Zenega (Handan) STB bearing model no. Cd-1004iS.

The flash id version (flash chip) of my box is V1.56.

The current firmwarw which i have flashed over it through a loader is V 1.56 (october,2006l)

And , now Iwant the firmware V 1.00 for my STB as this is the 1st firmware made by Dish Tv and which doesnot flashes the VC no. on the screen. Also, we can add or edit TP's on this firmware and satellites can also be added and removed on this firmware.

Moreover, I want a loader for the zenega which can upload (extract) the firmware (not the database) from the STB for further use and backup purpose.

I am in great need of the V 1.00 firmware for Zenega CD-1004is having flash chip V 1.56 on its motherboard.

Thanks in advance. you can also email me the files on my email id . For email id , message me in private. I have not posted email id here due to forum security reasons.

Warm Regards!