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Dishtv Signal In Middle East

My Satellite Setup
i don't understand
My Location
Al ain ,UAE
When people have brought receivers from india to UAE or Saudia Arabia. And tried to fix it. One thing which is the hardest to do is getting the signal from NSS 6 satellite.

In UAE its recommened to use at least 100 cm dish.
In Kuwait and other middle east countries you should use around 150 cm dish.

But the other thing you have to use is a good LNB. In which there is dought in many peoples mind that which lnb is good.

I have read many people say about different LNBs such as :-

I don't know which one is the best. But I know that invacom is 0.3 db which means its really good. But its also very expensive. It costs around 90 dhs in Dubai.

So people try different LNBs and compare the strength and quality. And give your opinion on which LNB to use.