DJ Replaces Peel



The late night Radio 1 slot left empty following the recent death of John Peel is to be filled by DJ Rob Da Bank.

Rob Da Bank, real name Robert Gorham, had been standing in for Peel while he was away on his fateful holiday. The DJ wrote in his online diary: "I’d spent the last week with his ace production team Louise and Hermeet digging out old Peel sessions (we chose The Cure, New Order and an hilarious Happy Mondays sesh!), being introduced to some fantastic new and crazy music and having lots of laughs about how I was gonna undo the 36 years of hard work he’d put in over the course of the three shows I was sitting in for him."

Radio 1 chiefs hope that Rob will be able to emulate Peel’s eclectic taste and act as a talent spotter for a new generation. Ian Parkinson, head of specialist music at Radio 1, said: "Rob is a very different broadcaster to John, but he also has a very individual and eclectic taste in music. We are committed to championing the new and the experimental in this slot."