DJ Tommy Vance dies after stroke



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Another one of the old school parts company... sad

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Tommy Vance has died in hospital three days after suffering a stroke.
Vance, who was 63, died in Kent at 0400 GMT on Sunday, his agent said.
The DJ, best remembered for his gravelly voice, started out on US radio before working at Radio Caroline and Radio 1.
"He was a great bloke and he was held in very high regard for his knowledge of rock which was unsurpassed," said his agent Jon Roseman.
"I had known Tommy for 35 years. He certainly had one of the most recognisable voices on radio," he added.
Vance, who has two children, also presented the Friday Night Rock show on digital channel VH1 and more lately had his own show on digital radio station Virgin Classic Rock.
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Yeah, I am shocked too. Tommy was great. Even though he was 63, he certainly did not act it . More 43!

He did more than music shows though. He did Hells Kitchen last year, and a couple of whacky home video programmes for Channel 5. His voice overs made those programmes.

This comes as a double blow to me, because another guy I liked on TV died recently too. Remember that tubby magician on Channel 5's Monkey Magic show? He died of as heart attack at the age of 37, in December...2004.

Bloody shame.