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DM7020 and two-track TV audio sound

My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 7020S, Offeset antenna on Hotbird, PC Toshiba Satellite SA50 109, Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz, 496 MB RAM, XP Pro V. 2002
My Location

I have a DM7020 flashed with Gemini last image, HDD and USB stick for add-ons. My problem is with the Swiss package on HB. When broadcasting in English (or original sound), they use audio track 2 right audio sound (co called bi-canal). Can be easlily selected with the audio botton on the DM, but after changing to another channel/transponder, I have to select manually the right channel again every time I come back to the swiss channel. Is there a way to memorise the audio setting to permanent track 2 right audio sound in the DM? I did not find anything in the blue pannel...