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DM7020S info, links etc.


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Linked from the main Dream website is now this German sub-site dedicated to the 7020. There is also an English version available (linked from the page below).


Here are the specs of the new range of boxes :-


As reported earlier, it looks like the 7020 images can be altered to run on the 7000, so good news for us out-of-date folks.



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Looking at the spec and comparing, the 7020 and 7000 seem to be the same except in the following areas:

7000 8Mb Flash memory / 7020 32 Mb Flash memory
7000 160GB HD limit / 7020 300GB HD limit
7000 DiseqC / 7020 DiseqC and USALS
7000 No UHF modulator / 7020 UHF modulator
7000 No modem / 7020 modem

Having recently purchased a 7000, I was apprehensive that I had poor timing and should have waited for the 7020. However, looking at the differences, I think I can live with the 7000.:D Unless of course there are other differences and enhancements...7020 tuner?.. that make the 7020 worth upgrading to from a 7000 that I am unaware of from my position of ignorance :-ohmy