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Does anybody know their dishes?

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My Satellite Setup
DM800HD, DM7000 80GB HD with Asus WL330 wifi + 2GB usb drive, Skystar2.3, 2.2m Kinhuge Dish with Inverto LNB and Invacom ADF-120 feedhorn. Pace 1.3.25 and 80cm for Sky.
My Location
Lot, Dordogne, Correze border.
Maybe someone can tell me what type of dish I have.
The dish itself measures 220cm and has an 5.5cm lip, making the total size 231cm (high and wide). I've measured the depth to be 32cm and it is prime (centre) focus.
I think it may have been used for meteosat.
I plan on replacing the feedhorn with an LNB.
Any suggestions?
Sorry I don't have any pics.