Don't Get Into a Bar Fight with This Guy



A British soldier stationed in Germany bit a man's ear off after arguing with him in a bar, police in the western city of Paderborn said on Thursday.
"The row flared up inside the bar and continued outside where the soldier bit the man's ear off," a spokesman for police said on Thursday. It was not known if the man was drunk.

Police arrested the 23-year-old soldier after the dispute on Tuesday morning, then turned him over to British military police. Emergency services rushed the injured man, 32, to a nearby hospital where surgeons re-attached his severed left ear.

A spokesman for the 1st UK Armored Division told Reuters the incident was regrettable and was being investigated.

Some 5,000 British soldiers of the 20 Armored Brigade, part of the division, are stationed in Paderborn, a historical city where Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne met Pope Leo III in AD 799.

Around 23,000 British soldiers are stationed in Germany.