Dreambox - Fantastic!



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This thing is LEGENDARY. With some preparation of reading the stickies, I unpacked my new little buddy in awe yesterday morning.

Gemini went on splendidly. There was some issue with me remembering in which order my three LNBs should be called but once I got this sorted and scanned, I started seeing channels.

Downloaded camd etc via the blue button, that's nice. Took a little to realise that I had to change the method of decrypting but got that in time for Liverpool - Vile match (promised this to a Brummie fan as I could not get his match against the Toon).

Woke up this morning with the bug to get the recording working, permissions were great but then I found I need a MOVIE folder in that share. It records SUPERBLY after this.

The STICKY - FANTASTIC. I've used a lot of that information and it's impressive.

And IHAD k*ys......downloaded and oopsadaisy D+ works too.

This box is what Sky+ should have been. Programming via the internet to record, organise channels how you want, use a PC to prepare for DVD burning...({})

I am so impressed, I want to play with it more :D