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Hi all, hope this is the right place to post.

Hope this doesnt sound like a really daft question as I'm new to satellite setups (infact in the early stages of learning.) I'm planning to install a motorised system in my house, and am currently researching into what receiver etc would be best for me. I've been reading about different receivers and the two I have been recommended are the Technomate 1500 CI+ Receiver and the dreambox. I dont really want to keep buying CAM cards etc so I'm swaying towards the Dreambox. I'm IT minded so the dreambox seems like a good challenge. Thing is I was wanting to know how much work is involved in keeping the dreambox patched and how it was done. First question - Does the dreambox need an internet connection or is this only needed when downloading patches?

Second question - People are talking about using DreamUp to flash the Box. There's also an application called DreamboxEdit (h**p://www.mantraandy.com/dreambox.htm). Is this used to upload the patches to the dreambox? And how often do you guys tend to upload new patches? (once a month?...) And finally is it a case of downloading a patch file and using a utility to dump in onto the receiver and thats it? or is there more configuring to do in Linux?

I know there's a lot of question but I'm trying to work my way through past posts and I'm not getting anywhere quickly..

Cheers guys


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Hi Phil and welcome

I recommend that you read as many of the idiot guides as possible on this site. They shouldn't really call them idiot guides because even experienced users often go back to refer to them.
You dont need to have your dreambox on the internet if this is a problem but you will need to get images, emus, and keys from the internet if you are to use the box to its full potential. I dont have internet at home but download the stuff onto a usb stick, then I use FTP to get the stuff I need into the box. You will need dreamup though to get a new image into the box at the start. After its all set up I use dreamboxedit to save the settings (channels, bouquets) and to restore them when I load a new image.

If you need any help at all this is the best place to post questions. (and I'm not being paid to say that)