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7000S - 300GB Maxtor
Syslink wifi bridge from DB to Syslink wifi router to Apple Extreme streaming relay to Apple G5, 2 xG4.
Elgato into G4 17 in for Apple DVB-T captures.
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While Kristallnacht unfolds and people daren't talk of other things, here are some experienecs with wireless networking -- minor additions to 'Stick's excellent guide.

• The Linksys bridge will work with other manufacturers' wireless hub/routers/switches. i.e. I have a d-Link 604+ wireless router because it was the best available when I got it 2 yrs ago, wireless plus 4 cable.
• Main router is wireless-b but the Syslink bridge will talk to -b and -g.
Also, when adding bridge, set the bridge SIDD to be the same as the existing main network.
• Confusing, for me, was the fact that when using the supplied little cat5 cable to connect DB to Syslink, the X-II switch needs to be put to X. This switch makes a normal cable act like cross-over when switch is X.
• With the bridge mode setting put to 'infrastructure' rather than 'ad hoc', the channel number is greyed out and the box finds and talks to all devices.
• An added bonus is that the bridge isnt just serving the DB. Mine is at the other end of house to main wireless hub and it now extends coverage into previous dark areas.

I am chuffed with this.

I tried to set up an Apple Airport Extreme to do the same job but gave up. Although I am a MAC person, this thing reminded me of Martin Chivers, big, shiny, white, expensive and useless. It has nice blue flashing lights but it's a machine that doesnt go 'ping'.

I am now dreaming of streaming.
I think CS will always be fraught. But something will come that can't be stopped. Altho we dont (all) have multi Mbps badwidth to the world yet, it will be affordable one day, then I could transcode mpeg2 to more efficient mpeg4 and ship 2Mbps good quality video to my m(s) in real time and I will have done all the decoding, legally with my sly card. Stop that Mur**ch if you can. Den2den.
As a test last summer, we streamed Euro04 from a PC server, to our team working in US. That worked.