DTV 'to reach every UK home by 2010'


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DTV 'to reach every UK home by 2010'

Every home in the UK will be receiving digital television in 2010, two years before the Government's digital switchover timetable is due to be completed, according to a forecast from media buyer ZenithOptimedia. By the end of this year digital TV penetration will have reached 88%.

ZenithOptimedia said television advertising airtime was at its cheapest in real terms since the early 1980s due to the growth of digital channels which can sell more advertising slots than analogue channels.

The company said the UK's television advertising market would stop shrinking this year and begin to grow in 2008, but would continue to lose overall market share as advertisers increasingly turned to the internet and outdoor posters.

By 2012 television will own 22.7% of the total advertising market, down from 27.2% in 2006.

According to ZenithOptimedia, E4, More4 and Film4 will more than make up for a forecast 2% revenue decline at Channel 4 this year. Similarly, Five Life and Five US will more than make up for revenue declines at Five's main channel.

But ZenithOptimedia says ITV's four digital channels are not increasing their revenues fast enough to make up for a forecast 7% drop in ITV1's advertising revenues in 2007.

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