Dual/Twin LNB on Sky Minidish?


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Not entirely sure of the best forum for this!

A German friend asked me last night if it was possible to leave his minidish pointing at SKY 28.2, but add an offset LNB to the dish to receive 19.2 signals as well so he can access his favourite German channels.

I had to admit, I didn't know if he could do this with a minidish... Any of you clever chaps know the answer? We're based in Leicester.

If he can do this, what LNB type is he best to get and which is the stronger signal out of 28 and 19 (when I did my twin LNB set-up many moons ago before my motorised system, I was advised to point the dish at the weaker signal and use the offest LNB on the stronger signal.


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The offset signal on a minidish will be too weak for either satellite, better to simple add another minidish for Astra 19.2 (just big enough), either that, or go for something like a 70cm Raven Gemini with an offset arm.

PS. When you refer to dual or twin LNB, I presume you mean Monobloc.