Dubai 33 on Nilesat

I'm new here and I wondered if any of you guys can get the English Dubai 33 TV channel that's broadcasting on Nilesat?

You see there is a cartoon series called 'The Dreamstone' airing on there and I only need 7 more episodes to complete my collection.

I have tried looking everywhere for those episodes and no other TV channel seems to be showing them, so I think this is my only chance of getting them.

Unfortunately I only have Sky Digital so I have no way of receiving this channel.

If anyone on here can get this channel, is there any chance that anyone on here could perhaps help me by taping the episodes I need for me?

They are showing on Thursdays, this thursday at 3.05pm (Dubai time) so 11.05am U.K. time.

It's so frustrating as I just need so few episodes!!

If anyone who can receive this channel can help me by recording the episodes until all 7 I need have aired, I would be very very grateful!

I would obviously pay the person a little something for their time as well as cover costs of tape and to send it to me.

If anyone might be able to help send me an email to:

I need the following 7 episodes:

Auntie again
Horrible Argorrible
The Jolly bird
Planet Prunus
The Spidermobile


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