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hi all

am new to all this and have some questions that I hope members on this forum can help me with. hope im not posting out of place.

im based in Hastings what size dish? should I get a motorized dish

I have a Compaq pc 1 year old what type of decoder/cam combo do I need?? or should I get stand alone unit hooked up to TV if so what would I need to programme the cards? not sure if the last statement is right.... what software is required to programme the cards?

how do you obtain the images for cards?

how hard is it to obtain said cards.

are different cards required for different systems...(hotbird thor....)

I subscribe to sky at the moment not for much longer if all goes well ( am I right in assuming that sky incription is priority based around the box and can't be broken??)

have just read that cards can be made redundant by time bombs can cards be reprogrammed if this happens or do you have to throw them away and start again......

sorry about any typo's can't spell victim of 70/80 education
many thanks sussexjo


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Hi sussexjo
Depends on what you want to watch, the bigger the dish the more satellite's you can recive, the size you can get away with depends on were you can locate the dish, I belive under planning the max size is 90cm and you can often get away with a 1MT by saying I was told it was only 90cm having said that I use a 1.2Mt located in my back garden which was transfered the same location in my old house and have got away with it for 10years. If you can see a clear sky from say 45 E to 45W the go for motorised system.
I would go for Decoder, Cam combo, there are plug in's for the computer but if you are required to use same and anyone other than you is watching TV Help!!. As to the choice of reciver that is up to you depending on the money you have to spend on the system, every one on the forum will have there own opinion on the best one. Again the same thing applies to Cams, modern Cam's like the Dragon come with there own loader card and open all the encripted services that have software for them available on the web, you will also need a programmer like Dynamite to be able to program the card and Cam.
As reguards the Sky encription thay use in the UK it has not yet been hacked, but we never say never in this hoby.
As to your last question the key's in use are quite aften changed, just use programmer to re load.

If you do a search on the forum you will find a great deal of usefull information, and if this fails if you PM me with your phone number I will give you a call.