Duplicate Brand with COSHIP LOGO

My Satellite Setup
Iam using DTH receiver for c and ku band satellites
Hi everybody,

I think theres lot of chennai viewers here and iam also from chennai.Few months b'fore i bought a COSHIP digital reciver model is BSR-D518C,i think nobody knows this kinda model in COSHIP and i dont know any thing about this DVB's at that time of purchase.
Right now,iam searching for upgrader tools,keys and frimwares for my DVB to watch scrambled channels but theres nothing available for this model,if i connect my receiver via rs232 in coship upgrader tool its showing connection error.
And also the coship logo is not printed, it just sticked in the receiver box,so i think my receiver is a duplicate one,even i dont any anymaster code for this.If u got info please post me,thanks