DVB card or Digital receiver+TV tuner card



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DVB card or Digital receiver+TV tuner card

I currently have a TV tuner card(Asus TV fm) along with micro-x receiver.
I record video by AV cable.

If I purchased a DVB card will the quality differ from this method?

Does the Skystar2 card is based on software rendering or hardware
rendering? because if its software based it will take lots of PC power.

Are there any scrambled channels (PAY TV) which I can watch with DVB
card as compared to receiver? because of software availability.

Please kindly also recommend DVB card and what other things I can
do with DVB card as compared to digital receiver.

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Hi WG4U,
I think that the favourite DVB-S card out at the moment is the Skystar 2 , which as You say has software rendering , and also uses the S2 & Capi emulators.
I use a 2.3Rev SS2 with a Duron 900 system and it works well but would probably say to use the best processor you can afford.
The Skystar 1 uses hardware rendering and is more expensive to buy and I recall that it used to have a seperate cam slot that could be plugged into it to accept the cams (if it's still available).
If You're new to DVB-S cards and need a cheap set up , opt for the SS2 and use the emu's that are around at the moment.
If money is no object then You can choose the SS1 and use either emu's or cams (but bear in mind that not all cams work in all cards).
It's worth searching back through the forums as most of the questions You have will have been asked before (probably by Me !!) so a bit of reading should answer any questions , but I'm sure someone will be able to help a bit more (We're a friendly lot really !!).
Hope this helps You out,
Cheers for now,
Old Geezer.

PS As far as quality goes , a SS2 actually has a higher bitrate than a standard DVD , so there would be no problems with picture quality using an SS2.