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Found this on the hard drive whilst purging some ancient files:


Arianespace confirms lift-off on September 27

e-BIRD™, Europe's first satellite specially designed for 2-way broadband communications is in final stages of preparation for its launch on September 27 by an Ariane 5 rocket. Built by Boeing Satellite Systems, the satellite will be launched from French Guiana during a launch window opening at 23.02 GMT (01.02 Paris time) and lasting 19 minutes in the night of September 27 to 28.

e-BIRD™'s unique design will enable highly efficient and cost-effective use of bandwidth for 2-way broadband communications through sixteen 36 MHz transponders for hub to user communications and four 108 MHz transponders for user to hub communications. This configuration enables the delivery of interactive services with low-cost bandwidth for forward and return links using sub one-metre antennas.

Located in geostationary orbit at 33 degrees East, e-BIRD™ will serve Europe and Turkey through four high-power beams on the forward link and two high gain beams on the return link. In addition to addressing regional requirements within each beam all 4 beams can be served through a single hub for highly effective pan-European connectivity.

With its proximity to Eutelsat's EUROBIRD™ 1 satellite at 28.5 degrees East, e-BIRD™ is also perfectly positioned for bundling digital TV and broadband one-way services that can be received by small domestic antennas. A dual-feed LNB, a DVB-IP terminal and a digital TV decoder are all that is needed.

e-BIRD™ can make an important contribution to pan-European and national broadband programmes as well as serve businesses of all sizes who depend on quality communications to maintain their competitive edge.

e-BIRD™ - a powerful contribution to building broadband in Europe.[/quote]

The "additional services for 28E" never did take off :D